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ISAAH, is an ASPIRING artist and entertainer hailing from Philadelphia, PA that currently resides and reps North Carolina. He is driven and very passionate about his music and work ethic. ISAAH dreams are to become one of the BEST artists on the scene. He desires to be the most dedicated and hardworking performer that he can be.

He is destined to become one of the most influential artist in rap! As a writer and creative genius, his lyrics, rap styled, and choice of music far exceeds his greatest expectations. ISAAH believes in being 'hungry but humbled" when it comes to his DREAMS to make it in the music industry. He believes that hard-work and dedication to "being a better you TODAY than you were YESTERDAY" will set you up for success.


What's next for this new-age artist?

You'll just have to sit back and watch. Whatever you do, don't sleep on this will remember ISAAH! 

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